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I know I'm going to get a lot a grief from this, but here goes: You seem to have only one thing to say musically. Your works are all quite nice, but I find myself wondering what might be if you were to apply your talent to something a little diffferent. Perhaps an orchestral work, a fast piece, something rhythmic, a waltz, ect. I've listened to well over 20 pieces from you and they are decidedly one note. I guess my question would be: why do you keep submitting such similar works? Use your excellent talents to do something better!

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MarkySpark responds:

Hi, Thanks for your opinion and my sister says the same sometimes. I have composed a lot of 8bit , 16bit and full orchestra songs but my first love is piano alone or with gentle strings. Too many are making songs with EWQL and too many instruments used. Here are a couple you might of missed that are not piano. If the music sounds all the same to you then classical isn't for you, try techno or hip-hop :-)



I'm not sure of the context, but if you're writing a piece to convey a quirky scene or something in the children's lit section, then your on the right track. As it is now exceedingly repetitive. I would suggest extending the main theme a bit (it's currently two bars long in 4/4 time) and making it more interesting both melodically and harmonically. In fact I would make an eight bar theme, using the current two bar theme as your last two bars. Avoid using the tonic and fifth so much in your melody (that's what the harmony is for). For a half hours work not bad.

Fantastic, perfectly evokes the style you're trying to emulate. Great work hoss!

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot for listening and reviewing! As a morricone fan i just had to try out that style. I just had a great time while making the track. Creating the whistle-sound was so extremely exhausting ... think i needed hundreds of takes :D

So thanks for the kind review. I am glad You liked it!

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